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By Katherine "Kat" Gallant

It all seems so innocent; you get a call from a politic stranger inviting you to lunch. Not unexpectedly, you are getting a lot of media attention running for Mayor. It's your first time in the political arena. You're greener than a non-chlorinated pool in neighbor's backyard. Looking back, it was so long ago, you can't even remember what you ordered for lunch. The only thing you do remember is the uneasiness you felt from his questioning.

“Tell me about yourself,” he asks. “What makes you want to run?” “Do you have any money or support?” Your mind races to figure out his angle. “Who is this guy and what does he want with me?”

Truth be known, it is always the way it begins. From the beginning of running for dog catcher, candidates are scrutinized and hand-picked. “They” will know everything about you including your size underwear. How do you look, talk and how you think? Do you have a sway in your walk? Are you confident? Is there a flaw in your character or background that makes you an easy target? Can you be manipulated with the promise of money and power?

If you can be bought, if “they” find out you love power and you meet all of their criteria, they will fly in the big guns to get a signature. Once you sign, you are officially in their Cult. You will belong to them. They will give you the election, protect you and you will give them whatever they want. They are more organized than the Chinese at the Olympics opening ceremony.

AOC, along with her group of marionettes, have been mentored from the beginning. None of AOC'S thoughts are her own. As I hear her sophistication of speech progress, it becomes clear she is parroting her mentors. Because in spite of her words, her ignorance is still there. She actually believes what she is saying, she is the perfect idiot. The problem is that she is so remarkably ignorant and immature, the media loves to give her airtime. Everyone needs a good laugh and she guarantees it. But because of the attention, the younger crowd has made her their hero and that's a problem. The last laugh may be on those that let the camera roll.

The mafia, a biker's club, have nothing on this Cult. You will do what they tell you to do. They are invested in you and you owe them. Ever wonder why scandals plague politics? That's someone who has broken the rules and is being punished. Exposure to your crimes, is just one of the nicer things they can do to you.

Why do Democrats always vote unanimously? I just told you why and there is no other explanation. They are not there to represent their people, they are there to represent the ones that funded their campaign. Think about that the next time you support dark money and the Cult.

Want to put your finger on who is doing this, you can't. The spotlight is never on the ones pulling the strings. They are busy in the background making the decisions that will ultimately destroy America. They are discrete and untouchable. If you think Pelosi was running the Democrats with an iron fist, you'd be wrong. She is more “used” than Hunter Biden's crack pipe.

Pelosi is getting up there in age and half the time she appears a little sauced. Her usefulness as a voice is waning but make no mistake, she is still the Democrat's mouth piece to her congregation. Because of her husband’s antics and her being known as the most hated witch in America, they have taken the spotlight away. Although Hakeem Jefferies is the official head of the Democrats in the House, when do you ever hear about him? Pelosi is deep into the Democratic Cult, willing to do anything to make money and maintain her power. Unless something is done, she will be there until her death. Power is her disease and she is not walking away.

Don't think for one moment that Republicans don't have a cult. The difference is, they have several. The free thinkers, the moderates and the outright saboteurs make up this political salad. With a small majority, it's a difficult task to put them all together to create a bill. They seem to fall all over each other trying to make their point. Many do represent the people but again, many don't. Some, the RINO’s, are all about the appearance, not the business of representing the people. There will always be people behind candidates but it's much different with the Unification of the Democrat Cult.

If you are wondering why there is a two-tiered judicial system, why high crimes are committed and go unpunished, why Democrats never get indicted, they are protected by the leaders of the Cult. That is one of their promises to them. It allows them to continue their dirty work without hindrance. Everything they have done in the past two years works towards destroying America. Open boarders, crime in the streets, promotion of transgender to our youth, drug overdoses, human and child trafficking, homelessness, indoctrination in our schools, and thousands of military age Chinese men infiltrating our country are exactly what the Cult wants.

But here is the big one for the Cult, tampering with and setting up election fraud. The Cult can do nothing without being able to control the elections. They have people and laws in place to make it happen for them.

However, the American people are now informed, angry, disgusted and want their country back. Americans and the Republicans are making strong efforts to reform election laws but it's not enough. We have to be sure by the next election, that there is nothing in the way of the true people's vote.

My brothers and sisters, stay strong, never waver, be safe and stay away from the UDC!

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