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In the month of September nearly a quarter of a million migrants crossed our border jamming into our already overburdened cities. Most were single men; some are known terrorist. Some are from China and the border patrol has been ordered not to stop them from coming into our country. The likelihood that they are here to create mayhem is a strong one.


All the talking heads will tell you the liberals want to turn our country solid blue by having them vote Democrat. They reason that once settled, working and given the right to vote, the migrants will vote their party. My analysis comes up with a completely different but obvious conclusion. Here's why.


The Democrats have proven that they can easily flip elections for a win. They are highly skilled at taking what isn't theirs. They don't need migrants for elections, they need them to drain the system. Already you see Mayor Adams of New York screaming for help and demanding that the federal government do something. Not so much to close the border but to send money to support the invaders. At the same time, Americans that protest their invasion are arrested.


In the old America, candidates were cautious about winning elections. Biden and his masters would have been screaming to close the border. Any decent campaign manager would advise him to stop the insanity or he will lose the next election. Instead, they double down, there is no concern, at all, about winning the election. It's a joke to them because they already have it in the bag. When it comes to the border, complete and total crickets! Let me get to my point.


In spite of high gas and grocery prices, the real story about inflation is rarely told. Americans may not know much about economics, but they know when their debit card won't work. They see the empty restaurants and stores. People aren't buying as much anymore because they can't. Americans are slowly being drained of their assets and ability to make a living or buy a home. Instead, foreign corporations are buying up their homes. In contrast, the migrants are being housed, fed and given medical while Americans go homeless.


We are being financially raped and all we seem to do is lay there and take it. The migrants are only here to finish us off. To financially bankrupt our country at the wishes of this administration. That truly is the design of our enemies and the Biden Administration. They will try to take everything we have left and they are doing it in more ways than you can imagine? This is how.


Any day the Biden administration may change our currency to digital and with it we lose all our freedoms. Everything we do or buy will be subject to the government's approval. They will control how we spend it and they can cut us off anytime for any reason. That's a frightening thought and one that is hard to believe would happen in our country. I don't want to be the one to say I told you so, I want to be the one to save you from this dangerous attack. Prepare, just prepare!


Many of us are paying attention and we are preparing for what is to come. Many Americans are not. They believe it is some kind of conspiracy. I'll be the first to admit that what the Biden administration is doing to our country is unbelievable. How could it possibly happen?


Albeit, we're not exactly sure what day, place or what that will look like. Will it be nuclear? Will they destroy our electric grid? Will they bomb certain parts of our country? Will they spread another virus? Or, will we simply lay down like our legislators and let them have it.


I believe that the ones that want to wreak havoc aren't sure either. With all their money and power, it's a game to them and they are waiting to see what their opponent will do. Because of that, we still have a chance to turn this around. No more excuses or putting off the inevitable. We must rid ourselves of Biden, Harris and his entire administration and I mean yesterday!. I'm not talking about at the elections, it will be too late. That's over a year away and how many more migrants will flood our borders? We have to act now!


Congress has enough evidence on Biden to impeach him. Evidence of bank accounts, witnesses and audio tapes guarantee the votes to do it. Although I have little faith in McCarthy, he or someone in Congress must take over the leadership and make it happen. Senators must do the same. It is up to you to stop them and I believe you have the numbers and power to do it. Stop worrying about the deficit and start the impeachment. In a short time, the deficit won't matter.


I also believe that if nothing is done, very soon Americans will see their fate. Any reasonable person knows this can't go on much longer. The corruption has completely taken over Washington. Our corrupt Attorney General and FBI Director Wray are without a care, lying to Congress. Our own President, some Senators and Congressmen are selling out our country. We can say it's disgraceful, disgusting, traitorous and criminal but those words are empty without the action to back it up.


With all the transgender confusion, in the process, did some of Congress lose their balls. That is the only explanation I can give for their inaction. For God's sake, if you don't have them, grow a pair, get off your ass and get the job done!

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